Wavelength & Frequency calculations

This equation allows you to calculate wavelength from frequency, and frequency from wavelength.





In this equation:


(lambda) represents wavelength (in metres).

 c         represents the velocity of light (which is approximately 3.00×108 m/s).

 f         represents frequency (in hertz).



Wavelength is the distance between two peeks of the signal.

frequency is the number of oscillations in one second.



2 thoughts on “Wavelength & Frequency calculations

    • Hello Truthspew, that’s only really applicable when the frequency you’re calculating its wavelength for is already in MHz. But yes, for the 2m band, 300/144MHz would work. the shorthand just limits the use of the formula to a small section of the radio spectrum, and is technically incorrect as ‘f’ represents Hz not MHz.

      Admittedly the HF, VHF and UHF parts of the spectrum are all in MHz, and encompass most of the usable part of the spectrum. But, It does not include the audible part of the spectrum and AM signals. It’s just easier and less confusing for beginners to just not include a shorthand formula.

      Thank you for leaving a comment,



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